White Boards

Affordable and completely custom,
VisiCare™ White Boards are a very
functional and highly innovative
component of successful patient
communication strategies.

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Digital Boards

Developed to improve patient satisfaction
in technologically advanced healthcare
environments. VisiCare™ Digital Boards
are designed to comply with
ever-changing regulatory directives.

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Safety Boards

Specifically designed for
High-Risk environments,
VisiCare™ Safety Boards have
single-piece construction and
utilize approved hardware.

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Design Gallery

Want an idea of what your custom-designed graphics will look like?
Contact a VisiCare™ representative for a password and view a gallery
of previously designed VisiCare™ department layouts.

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Order erasable markers, which clip to badges along with other replacement
parts by clicking here. Reward and motivate your team with the most popular performance incentives.

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